• Short staffed?

  • Need assistance organizing your filing system?

  • Need some administrative support?

  • Not enough hours in the day?

  • Multiple deadlines approaching?

Child Care PatchWorks, LLC is a reliable outsourcing service providing virtual administrative support to childcare providers.  The mission is to uplift and support childcare programs in providing the best possible care for young children. 


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What Can Child Care PatchWorks, LLC. Offer You and Your Childcare Service?

Child Care PatchWorks, LLC. provides expert administrative assistance to childcare providers through personalized virtual administrative support to increase productivity within their childcare service.  This service also supports childcare providers to focus on providing a more engaged, instructional leadership, maintain a better work-life balance and retain high quality staff. 

​Services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Providing remote administrative support.

  • Digitize files.

  • Assistance with Job Posting or Initial Processes of Applicant Screening.

  • Social media or Website creation or maintenance.

  • Flyer or Document creation.

  • Establish or Organize record keeping systems such as employee and student records, tuition billing, childcare subsidies, meal programs, etc. 

  • Maintenance of new and existing record keeping systems.

  • And much more...




According to a 2014 report  by the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, "200,000 teachers leave the profession every year, for a total of about 8 percent of the teaching workforce. That’s about twice the rate of countries like Finland and Singapore that are considered leaders in education." 

"Among American preschool and daycare teachers, the turnover rate is even higher, at about 15 percent overall, with half of all centers experiencing some churn every year”, (Bouffard, 2017). 

parent concerns

"This high rate of turnover in the education sector, and the child care field in particular, is understandably alarming for parents, especially given the direct impact on the education outcomes of our children," (Hopkins, 2011).

HIGH cost

“High turnover is also costly for an industry burdened by exceptional price-point sensitivity. Lost work during vacancies, recruitment, and retraining all contribute to the already high and rising cost of child care in the U.S.,” (Hopkins, 2011).

low productivity & quality

According to Training Industry Quarterly, it takes at least one year for an employee to be fully productive. Weeks 1-4 New hire is only 25% productive, Week 5-12 50% productive, Week 13-20 75% productive.

Professional Reviews

Accurate & Caring

Tenesha Mack-Thorne, Former Co-Director

"It was a pleasure working with you Keisha, your attention to detail, compassion and passion for children as Administration was greatly appreciated."

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